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Hi! I'm Nick Singh, the best-selling author of Ace the Data Science Interview. I've led data interview workshops at UC Berkeley, Boston University, Columbia, and 60+ other colleges. Scroll down to learn how I can help your Data Science, CS, and Business Analytics students too! 👇👇

60+ College EVENTS
“"With 230+ UChicago students joining Nick's engaging talk, this was one of the most successful career events of the 2022-2023 academic year"
Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Development
Computer Science at University of Chicago

Empower Your Students To Land Top Jobs In Data

What do the workshops cover?

I start by sharing tips about the job hunt itself – how to build Data Science portfolio projects, send networking cold emails, and craft a pitch that gets Data Science & Analytics hiring managers excited to move you onto the technical interview round.

Then, I cover the major topics Data Science, Analytics, & ML interviews test, such as how to Ace the SQL, Coding, and Analytics Case Interview. To preview the deck, email me at! 

What makes my speaking engagements unique?

I talk about the Data Science behind Tinder, Fantasy Football predictions, and showcase a portfolio project about rapper Drake. These topics resonate well with the typical 20-30 year university audience.

I also mix in real Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook interview questions and ask the audience to solve them, making my events highly interactive.

"helped me land my dream job" —Advitya G., ML @ Microsoft

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"As the keynote speaker at Hacklytics 2023, Georgia Tech's largest datathon, Nick gave a fascinating talk to 500+ attendees about the value of Data Science portfolio projects, and share insights from his career at Facebook & Google"
Director, Hacklytics 2023
CS @ Georga Tech
Book authorS

About Nick Singh

Nick Singh started his career on Facebooks' Growth Team, and most recently, worked at SafeGraph, a location analytics startup. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Systems Engineering, and a minor in Computer Science. His career advice on LinkedIn has over 40 million views, and earned him 150k+ followers.

Together with Kevin Huo, who previously worked as a Data Scientist at a Hedge Fund and at Facebook on Facebook Groups, they wrote Ace the Data Science Interview.


Teach your students how to get data job interviews!

  1. We cover how to write the perfect Data Science resume
  2. We show them how to make kick-ass Data Science portfolio projects
  3. We'll teach them to write a networking cold email
  4. We do a mock FAANG behavioral interview

"Nick's talk struck the perfect balance between entertaining & helpful”
— Sarah G., UC Berkeley'24

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