Book By Kevin Huo & Nick Singh

Ace The Data Science Interview

201 Data Science questions from REAL Data Science interviews. Publishing Spring 2021 on Amazon.
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9 chapters, 214 pages
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Ace the Data Science Interview has study guides on topics like SQL, Database Design, Probability, Statistics, and Machine Learning, so you know which concepts are the most important to review before your Data Science interview.

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We carefully curated 201 questions from real Data Science interviews at tech companies like Facebook and Google, unicorn startups like Airbnb and Robinhood, and top Wall Street firms like Two Sigma, Citadel, and Goldman Sachs so that you test your knowledge and be ready to Ace the Data Science Interview.

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Book authorS

About Kevin & Nick

Kevin Huo is currently a Data Scientist at a Hedge Fund, and previously was a Data Scientist at Facebook working on Facebook Groups. He’s the creator of and a course creator on DataCamp. In college, he interned at Facebook, a hedge fund, and Bloomberg.

Nick Singh previously worked at geospatial data startup SafeGraph, and before that, was a Software Engineer on Facebook’s Growth Team. His Software Engineering & Data Science career advice has been read by millions of people on LinkedIn. In college, he interned at Microsoft and at Google’s Nest Labs.

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