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Ace The Data Science Interview

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Ace the Data Science Interview Book Cover.  Book by Nick Singh and Kevin Huo.
11 chapters, 301 pages
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How do you prepare for a Data Science Interview?

What topics do Data Science interviews cover?

Data Science interviews typically cover Probability, Statistics, Machine Learning, SQL & Database Design, Python Coding Questions, & Product Sense. That's why Ace the Data Science Interview has a chapter dedicated to each topic - it's everything you need for Data Science, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning interviews.

Where can I get Data Science interview questions?

Ace the Data Science Interview has 201 questions from real Data Science interviews, with full solutions for each problem. These interview questions come from companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Stripe, Uber, Two Sigma and Citadel.

"helped me land my dream job" —Advitya, ML @ Microsoft

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Want to land more more Data Science interviews?

  1. Craft the perfect Data Science resume
  2. Create kick-ass Data Science portfolio projects in Chapter 2
  3. Learn how to write cold emails in Chapter 3
  4. Learn how to ace behavioral interviews in Chapter 4

"Cracking the Coding Interview but for DS & ML!” — Jack Morris, AI @ Google

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Book authorS

About Kevin & Nick

Kevin Huo previously worked as a Data Scientist at a Hedge Fund and at Facebook on Facebook Groups. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in business from Wharton. In college he interned on Wall Street, at Facebook, and Bloomberg.

Nick Singh started his career on Facebooks' Growth Team, and most recently, worked at SafeGraph, a location analytics startup. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Systems Engineering, and a minor in CS. These days he's solving SQL Interview Questions on DataLemur!

What's in the Video Course?

Ace the Data Job Hunt complements the book, by doubling down on the job-hunting advice from the first few chapters across 25+ video lessons, downloadable resume and cold email templates, & 1:1 coaching packages.

Resume Roasts

In Module 1, learn how to improve your own resume by watching Nick roast real resumes including the ones him and Kevin used to get into Facebook.

Portfolio Project Walk-Throughs

In Module 2, learn how to catch a Hiring Manager's attention by building kick-ass portfolio projects, walk-through a project singularly targeted at breaking into Netflix, and use ML to land more Tinder Dates!

Mock Behavioral Interviews

Stop underestimating the behavioral interview! In Module 4, learn how to confidently pitch yourself, and watch Nick step-by-step craft answers to real behavioral interview questions from Amazon & Facebook.


Is there a eBook PDF?

Currently, there is NO e-book, Kindle version, or PDF download of Ace the Data Science Interview. However, some of the 201 questions from the book can be solved on DataLemur - an interactive SQL & Data Interview platform. If you want more details, you can read this FAQ on why it's not possible to download a PDF of Ace the Data Science Interview.

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