Want to download the PDF of Ace the Data Science Interview?

Here's 4 FREE ways to access content from the Ace the Data Science Interview PDF, along with bonus resources that aren't in the book!

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF Download: How to Get the PDF  eBook of Ace the Data Science Interview by Nick Singh and Kevin Huo

How can you download the Ace the Data Science Interview PDF?

While there is no Ace the Data Science Interview PDF available to download because the authors never released an eBook, you can get parts of the book online for free in 4 different ways:

Of course, buying the 301-page paperback book via Amazon Prime is also an option if you're dying to read the book in its entirety!

Where can you solve the 201 questions from Ace the Data Science Interview online for free?

If you want to download the 201 Data Science Interview questions from the book, signup on DataLemur - an online SQL & Data Science Interview Platform founded by Nick Singh, co-author of Ace the Data Science Interview. DataLemur has 100+ SQL Interview questions, including all 30 of the SQL interview questions from the SQL Interview Chapter of the book Ace the Data Science Interview. It also includes a guide to SQL interview prep and a free SQL tutorial.

DataLemur is better than a PDF of Ace the Data Science Interview, because it lets you practice 201+ Interview Questions online!

For example, check out the Facebook SQL Interview Question below on App CTR which happens to be the 1st question from the SQL Chapter of the book!

Facebook App CTR SQL Interview Question on DataLemur

Each DataLemur SQL question comes with multiple hints, a detailed solution, and a discussion board to learn from other SQL experts! 

While DataLemur only has around 70 of the 201 Data Science Interview questions from the book, the website happens to include some recently asked FAANG interview questions that were submitted by the DataLemur community. This makes DataLemur a great extra resource to have, in addition to the paperback book!

How can I read excerpts from Ace the Data Science Interview for free?

Since there is no PDF download of Ace the Data Science Interview available, if you want to read the book online, join the free 9-day interview crash course which gives excerpts and previews from each of the main 9 chapters of the book! Each email also comes with 3 Data Science Interview questions from the book, along with their full solutions!

Where can I read the career tips from the book Ace the Data Science Interview?

To get the Data Science resume tips, along with advice on portfolio projects and behavioral interviews from the book, check out the video course Ace the Data Job Hunt. This online course complements the book, by diving deep into the job-hunting advice from the first few chapters of the book. Across 25+ video lessons, you'll watch us roast Data Science resumes, build portfolio projects, and write cold emails. There's also options for 1:1 career coaching packages with Nick Singh (the author of Ace the Data Science Interview).

Ace the Data Job Hunt Video Course Outline: 25+ Modules on Data Science Resumes, Portfolio Projects, and Behavioral Interviews

The insights from the book, along with the video course and Nick's 1:1 career coaching has helped hundreds of people land their dream job in data.

Ace the Data Science Interview has helped hundreds of Data Scientist land jobs at companies like Amazon, Meta, and Google!

Of course, none of these career outcomes happen overnight. Most successful Data Analysts and Data Scientists practice the content from the book and DataLemur every day, which is why to help you create this daily habit we made the free Data Science interview crash course take 9-days! 

Want to read parts of the book online?

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Is there a Kindle or eBook version of Ace the Data Science Interview?

Due to Amazon Kindle's insane pricing policies, and lack of copyright protection, the authors of Ace the Data Science Interview chose not to release a Kindle version of Ace the Data Science Interview. As such, the only way to read Ace the Data Science Interview is to buy a physical paperback of the book via Amazon Prime.

How to buy Ace the Data Science Interview book in India?

Currently, the book Ace the Data Science Interview is available in India on Amazon via a 3rd party which has priced it between 3,500 to 5,000 rupees. The authors don't control this pricing - it's the 3rd party that did this markup, because they directly import the book from America and pay heavy shipping and import fees.

We still believe this book is a worthwhile investment for Data Scientists in India because some past Indian readers got salary increases of 2-8 lakhs! However, if the book price is prohibitive, we encourage you to checkout data science interview questions on DataLemur , which has some of the same content as Ace the Data Science Interview (like the SQL interview guide).

SQL Interview Guide for Data Scientists and Data Analysts
5,000+ words covering common SQL commands used in interviews,
window functions SQL interview questions, and tips on solving take-home SQL challenges.

Do you have other Data Science and Data Analytics book suggestions?

There are plenty of other books to read if you want to advance in your data career – by no means is Ace the Data Science Interview the only game in town. We put together a list of the 13 best Data Science books and 17 best Data Analytics books in case you want more book suggestions from us. Some of these books even have free PDFs online, like the book R for Data Science or the PDF download for Intro to Statistical Learning.

About The Authors of Ace the Data Science Interview: Nick Singh & Kevin Huo

Connect with Nick & Kevin!

Nick previously worked as Software Engineer at Facebook, and Data Engineer at Google. His career advice on LinkedIn has earned him over 115,000 followers on the platform. Kevin Huo is a former Data Scientist at Facebook, and now a quant on Wall Street. He's helped coach hundreds of people to land data jobs at Amazon, Two Sigma, and Lyft. Together they wrote the Amazon #1 Best-Seller, Ace the Data Science Interview, which solves 201 real Data Science & Machine Learning interview questions from FAANG, Tech Startups, and Wall Street.

Ace the Data Science Interview is a best-selling book in the Databases & Big Data category of Amazon!

Nick Singh then went on to found DataLemur - an interactive SQL & Data Science Interview platform, that features hundreds of real Data Analyst, Data Science, and Machine Learning interview questions from companies like Facebook, Google, and Accenture.

DataLemur has hundreds of Data Science interview questions, and covers SQL, Statistics, and ML interview questions that show up in real Data Science and Data Analyst Interviews!